Earrings... Are They the Main Attraction or the Finishing Touch?

My whole life I have loved earrings. Truly loved them. The bigger the Pearl Acrylic Cluster Earringbetter. During the better part of my twenties, I spent my time buying and wearing, wearing and buying earrings. Earrings are instant gratification. You don't have to worry about them making your butt look too big. Earrings won't make you look fat. If you love them they love you right back.

Remember the Eighties? We wore earrings as big as our heads; long earrings. Earrings so heavy they stretched out our lobes. (yes, I can see you shaking your heads). It didn’t matter. They were fabulous!

Strawberry EarringI would actually buy a new pair of earrings and then buy an outfit to go with my earrings. Ah yes, those were the days when the statement earring was the most important accessory item you could own. In my book, more important than shoes. One of my favorite earrings I bought in 1996. The year that Atlanta hosted the summer Olympics. OOOH, these earrings were SO fabulous! Colorful resin, Atlanta promoting clip-on one of kind gems. I don't remember where I bought them or who the designer was but they made me feel good. Which only confirmed my decision to move to Atlanta was the best decision ever!  

As years have passed we have seen earring trends evolve from big statement earrings to hoops and more hoops, chic shoulder dusters and then... all that seemingly came to a screeching halt! Enter the year of "the delicate earring" I never really got into that very much. Dainty? Moi? Especially having such big hair (not by my choice) you couldn't even see those little dainty earrings under all my big hair. After all, the earring was supposed to be the "main attraction" right? Not the finishing touch. Still, (sigh) I would continue to wear my big earrings. I think people would look at me like I was in a time warp or something. LOL

Orange Acrylic Raffia EarringAlas! The year 2018. The statement earring has returned! (and has it ever!) Big, beautiful, bright, colorful earrings. Raffia, Seed Beads, Metal, Leather, Acrylic, Silk Tassels. It's like statement earrings on steroids. Even the big bold neutral ones are nothing less than OMG!

My hair is not so big now. But it really doesn't matter because I still want to rock those statement earrings. I think I always will. It's one of the reasons that I love what I do so much.

- Veronica

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